Because corn is the basis of Mexican cuisine, you will spot our skilled tortilleras front and center, expertly flipping tortillas with bare fingers. Some think there may be nothing more Mexican, than a hot, supple corn tortilla passed to you right off the comal. Patient audiences may just get a sample.

Our passion for Mexican cooking explains why we grind organic, non-gmo corn daily for these tortillas. It also explains why we find local artisans to craft Mexican-style cheeses; why we import the finest Mexican herbs and chiles; and why we stay true to grilling only naturally raised meats, free-range poultry and sustainably-caught fish. Decades of taste memories born in Mexico fuel our commitment to serving only 100% agave tequila in our bar, and demand that we import the exact chocolate we drank at the Benito Juarez market in Oaxaca so many times.

What you won't see at Picante are cans or freezers. Everything is made from scratch, on site—even our delectable chocolate angelfood cake, decadent coconut-lime cake and festive Mexican wedding cookies. This type of cooking takes patience and time. Every morning at 6am our cooks begin stewing the pork for cochinita pibil while giant pots of beans bubble away and each night our bartenders craft another batch of lime zest cooler for tomorrow's margaritas. 

Now, the inspired food at Picante may not be from Abuela's kitchen in Mexico, but judging from the reactions we get, it's pretty close. Come in soon to explore the seven regions of Mexico one delicious bite at a time and understand why Picante has become the place where locals meet to eat.