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Employee of the month

When you have as many cooks in the kitchen as we do, an experienced, flexible and detail-oriented manager is important for bringing everyone together. With 15 years under his chef coat, Jose Lopez is perfect for the job.

Each morning he scans the large to-go orders and works with the manager on duty to insure accuracy of big office lunch pickups, so everyone gets exactly what they ordered. Then he utilizes our online manager log to record any issues, from equipment needing maintenance to employee retraining, so they can be acted upon immediately.

As a manager, Jose is both kind and firm. He leads by example and coaches his staff while holding the needs of the guest in his mind. His instruction is clear and when retraining cooks, his follow-through is impeccable. Because he is capable of stepping into any position—salad,  fry,  sautée, grill, and burrito stations—José helps his staff to plate the food in a consistent and appealing manner. The way he anticipates the needs of the cook line are legendary in that the right spoon is always in the right place for consistent portioning.

One of the more challenging duties he has is to keep a pulse on what may be selling a lot on a given day so he can direct his cooks to prepare more. This assures you that we never run out of an item you want to order, and helps minimize food waste. Jose is masterful with this.

With the hectic pace of working on the line in a kitchen, we love to see José enjoying his favorite dish, enchiladas verde, on his break.

Thank you, Jose, for everything that you do for us and our guests!

Sincerely, Jim, Alex, Jessica, Mario and Rosa