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Employee of the month

Roni Ramos has only been with us about a year, but he has moved up quickly from dishwasher, to grill cook, to pantry. to line cook—now directing the whole team that plates the food—making sure your meal is correct and beautiful. As the lead line cook, he stands directly in front of the printer that rolls out several hundred orders a night which might seem like a lot of pressure. But Roni takes it in stride with his calm demeanor. A natural leader, he is extremely well spoken, respectful and polite to his co-workers.

He laughs about the fact that in his home country of El Salvador,  his bleached red hair would raise concern and may draw unwanted attention, possibly even violence. So he feels at home in Berkeley where we have the personal freedom to wear our hair as we choose.

If you see him on break eating taquitos, give him a thumbs up. We appreciate all he does for us and with us to make Picante great.

Sincerely, Jess, Mario, Rosa, Alex, Chef Luis & Jim