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Employee of the month

Our April Employee of The Month may not be a face you see at your table or at the cash register, but he is surely a part of nearly every meal you have at Picante. Francisco Barragan is one of our most versatile line cooks, with a particular passion for customer experience. Despite his position in the "back of the house" he is acutely aware that his performance behind the scenes makes or breaks each guest's visit.

As a cook, Francisco has mastered every station "on the line" and is continually perfecting his culinary techniques and insights. Francisco's care for the food and guests is thorough: the details he brings to his plating; his support of servers in assuring order accuracy; following special instructions; his cool demeanor as rush-hour ramps up, and his focus on delivering excellent quality to every guest.  

It's a joy for everyone at Picante to call Francisco a colleague. He is a steadfast presence at Picante for his dedication (and his wily sense of humor!)

Sincerely, Jim, Alex, Jessica, and Mario