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Employee of the month

When the line at Picante extends out the door, you won’t find our employee of the month, Rubi Alvarado, taking a break. She readily volunteers postponing her mealtime so you can enjoy yours sooner.


Rubi can always be counted on to fill a void in the cashier team—even on a moment’s notice—and her skills are versatile. Rubi is a strong cashier inside the restaurant bringing in 25% or more tips for the team and she is also a superstar in the curbside phone order position. She is quick to learn new policies and procedures and thorough in her implementation of the new knowledge, making her stand out after just one year at Picante.


Once the line thins out Rubi may be spotted taking a break with her favorite Picante dish: flautas.

With the hectic pace of working on the line in a kitchen, we love to see José enjoying his favorite dish, enchiladas verde, on his break.

Thank you, Rubi, for everything that you do for us and our guests!

Sincerely, Jim, Alex, Jessica, Mario and Rosa